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Asset and Project Handover

Handover of a project can often define a project’s success and due to the time, money and resources it requires, can often be viewed as the most important milestone of a project.

“Planning for the transfer of project data and knowledge from the project teams to the end users runs from the start of the project and throughout the project’s lifecycle.”

Planning and working towards a successful project handover should be a process that allows an incremental transfer of knowledge instead of a date that should be set to bound the delivery phase. CDS can help define the project handover requirements early in the project and implement the necessary strategy to ensure these requirements are accepted, validated and approved during the delivery of the project in order to achieve a successful handover.

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  • Produce and implement asset/project handover strategies.
  • Define data environments and standardisation of asset information.
  • Facilitate handover of assets and projects.
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