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Operational Evaluation

As with any new building, machine or asset, the first year of operation can often be the most problematic and can require quite a bit of troubleshooting and fine tuning of the engineering systems by the occupiers. Operational evaluation provides the framework that enables the project transitioning team to remain involved with the built assets beyond practical completion, which assists the client and occupiers during the first months of operations and beyond.

CDS can provide professional aftercare engineers to support the O&M Managers, end users and support teams to identify and resolve any operational issues as well as help evaluate current working practices to define and implement improvements. Using this approach will ensure facility/system performance is monitored, information is embedded into the organisation and benefits are maximised.


  • Support the transfer of assets/capability to the client.
  • Carry out and review active operational and maintenance trials.
  • Post operational support/after care (logs and handovers, operational dashboards, OEE assessments, etc)
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