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Operational Execution

Throughout the commission phase of a project, emphasis is rightly or wrongly normally put on the specific plant or equipment that has been installed to ensure the equipment is safe to use, compliant with regulations and throughput can be achieved. Commissioning of the People and Processes & procedures can sometimes be overlooked and passed over to the business-as-usual team or client to complete. This means any operational risks will also be passed over and therefore handover could be prolonged and costly to the project team.

Operational execution focuses on the testing and validation of specific operations and maintenance activities using People, Plant and Processes & procedures to ensure O&M solutions are safe, practicable and achievable. CDS has developed processes and techniques to ensure documentation and O&M activities can be validated and approved by the business-as-usual team to ensure a safe and effective transition into operations.


  • Integration testing of People, Plant and Processes & Procedures
  • Validation/approval of Working Level Instructions
  • Implementation of inactive/active training activities
  • Operational trials
  • Maintenance trials
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