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Operational Readiness

Operational Readiness can be defined as having the capacity to deploy, operate and maintain structures, systems and components safely and efficiently. It is used within Project Management to ensure that the activities for a smooth roll out of information and O&M solutions are costed for, scheduled and implemented at the correct phase of the project to reduce operational risks.

Due to tight cost and time constraints involved with project management, these activities can sometimes be completely overlooked or shoehorned into schedules which could have costly and timely consequences on the project and the client as well as incurred operational risks if not implemented correctly.

At CDS we have developed a process where operational readiness can be broken down into digestible chunks, quantified, costed, planned and implemented to ensure a smooth transition from project to operations by focusing on defining the following areas:


Organisation and training requirements

  • How many people will be needed to carry out the O&M solutions and when will they be required?
  • What skills or training will be required now and in the future?


EIM&T and spares requirements

  • What maintenance activities will be required to ensure the O&M solutions meet their design life?
  • What specialist services will need to be procured or arranged to ensure the plant is safe and compliant?
  • What spares and materials will be required to ensure continued operations?

Processes and procedures

O&M instruction and system requirements

  • What type of instructions will be required for normal, abnormal and emergency operations?
  • What O&M systems will need to be implemented or updated to ensure assets are registered and maintenance is planned and recorded?
  • What guidance and policies will need to be implemented or amended to ensure compliance?

Handover documentation

  • What O&M information and activities will be required for project handover/closeout?
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  • Defining the O&M organisation and strategies (PXP/PMP strategies, WBS and schedules)
  • Identify and produce documentation for operations/maintenance (OI’s, MI’s, ARI’s)
  • Design and production of training packages
  • EIM&T assessments and strategies (ARM, RCM/REM, TBoM’s, maintenance planning)
  • Update configuration baseline and asset registration (CMMS, SAP, SAMdb)
  • Asset/Project integration
  • Facilitation and support of turn-key solutions
  • Operations and Maintenance Documentation Production
  • O&M Manual Production
  • Maintenance and Spares Strategies
  • Configuration Baseline and Asset Registration
  • Asset Maintainability and Operability
  • Project Handover Support
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